Isaiah Rashad

Lil Sunny Tour

Isaiah Rashad

Jay IDK, Lance Skiiwalker

Sat, Jan 28, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Higher Ground Ballroom

$15 advance | $18 day of show | $65 VIP

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This event is all ages

Isaiah Rashad
Isaiah Rashad
Isaiah Rashad is an American rapper, songwriter and lyricist from Chattanooga, Tennessee signed to indie label Kid Primitive. Isaiah is a member of Chicago based group "The Village" and co-founder of the Chattanooga based collective "The House" respectively. Sighting Curren$y, Outkast, Erykah Badu, UGK and Kanye West as his biggest influences, Isaiah blends revealing lyrics, infectious melodies, and an aggressive outlook on the world to craft a sound that has caught enough ears to land him on the 2012 "Smokers Club Tour."
August ends, the rest of the year begins, and somewhere in the middle we see the start of something very new. A fresh career gains light in the hip-hop horizon as SubTRAP explodes with creativity and experimentation, giving us album guests in character-form with sounds ranging from ominous to eclectic.

Jay IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) takes us on a deeply rooted lyrical journey through his stomping grounds and delivers a conceptually compelling approach by introducing 5 distinct personas: Chris, Jon Jon, Matt, Ed, and Jay's alter ego, the felonious King Trappy III. The DMV native illustrates these characters through a layered narrative — incorporating their conflicted testimonies of illicit drugs, immoral temptations and the urban survival mentality. The different personas of Jay IDK showcase his perceptive lyricism and transformative style.

His debut LP, SubTRAP, is more than just the glorified inner city struggle. The first track, Sexy Bartender Pt.1, symbolizes his hunger for hip-hop prestige and his motivation for trapping. Each character on this LP is a vivid reflection stemming from his past struggles, people he's met and his potent imagination. Through lucid anecdotes and daring rhymes, SubTRAP revives what we've been longing for since hip-hop virtuosos like Nas and Talib Kweli penetrated the industry. With his unique take on seamless storytelling, Jay IDK is nothing short of killin' the game.

Since the release, Jay IDK has racked up over two million plays on Soundcloud, sending him off on tour dates with G-Eazy, Post Malone and A$AP Ferg. A rising talent with passion and an eye for detail, Jay IDK reflects on the struggle of a young MC, freestyling about life's struggles and dreams.
Venue Information:
Higher Ground Ballroom
1214 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT, 05403