Steady Betty

Magic Hat Mardi Gras Kick-Off Party

Steady Betty

Billy Dean & The Honor Roll, Lady Moon & The Eclipse, DJ Ryan Brown

Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Showcase Lounge

$12 advance | $15 day of show

Steady Betty
Steady Betty
Steady Betty is a 8-piece "all-star…rocksteady band" (Seven Days). The band pays homage to the classic late-1960s sounds of Jamaica. Rocksteady is a danceable, soulful successor to ska, and the roots of the reggae genre. Steady Betty showcases Vermont-based lady musicians -- Miriam Bernardo (lead vocal), Linda Bassick (guitar, Mellow Yellow), Caroline O'Connor (bass, Vedora), Meghan Waterhouse (alto sax, Brick Drop), Allison Frazier (bari sax, Shakedown), Zoe Harris (alto sax), Margot Van Horne (trumpet), Rachel Capobianco (vocals, drums). When the moons align, Kat Wright (KW & The Indomitable Soul Band) joins us on vocals.

Steady Betty's Vermont shows have drawn dance-happy capacity crowds and enthusiasm from local press: “a stellar group of Vermont musicians rocksteady tunes” (Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press); “Steady Betty... are quickly rising among the ranks of my favorite local acts” (Dan Bolles, 7Days).
Billy Dean & The Honor Roll
Billy Dean & The Honor Roll have been described as blend between The Roots, Rage Against The Machine and "blue note samples". The group is comprised of Billy Dean
Thomas, AKA "The Queer B.I.G", a Hiphop lyricist and musician from Harlem, who travels between Massachusetts, Atlanta and Burlington, Vermont. Billy challenges the hiphop game with polyrhythmic flows that comment on # blacklivesmatter, difficulties of growing up in NYC and intersectional feminism.

After being featured on NPR's Transom, Teambackpack and ABC's The View, Billy was desperately seeking a community of musicians to create and transform digitally produced ideas into live instrumentation . It all started when The Honor Roll Collective's bass player Josh Speers introduced Billy to two amazing musicians from New England named Derek Rice (Keys) and Jake Mayers (Drums). Within the first 5 hours of meeting each other in person the musical vibes were so in sync that the honor roll came up with a live set of Billy's tunes and performed a show that night!

Three months later they have already completed their Debut Tour throughout New England and released a Live in Studio Recording session that merges Hip Hop, jazz and a little bit of rock and roll for the ragers. They are currently embarking on their first Spring Tour where they will begin featuring new members of the collective. They have come out of the gate firing, are (h)on a roll and hope you'll join the movement!
Lady Moon & The Eclipse
Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a multicultural collective of musicians based in Brooklyn, NY. Through soaring vocal textures and R&B/afrobeat-influenced rhythms, they create inspirational music that explore the cosmic soul; a journey to become one's best self. Lady Moon carries the essence of the Moon, delivering a message of love, peace, and light, while the musicians serve as the Sun shining light upon her. The audience represents the Earth, also known as the Star People of Earth, completing the metaphorical eclipse. With a marked emphasis on inclusivity and spiritual unity, Lady Moon & The Eclipse explore positive music through the live experience to grow and make a difference in themselves and in the world.
DJ Ryan Brown
DJ Ryan Brown will be spinning in between sets!
Venue Information:
Showcase Lounge
1214 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT, 05403