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Jo Schornikow

Tue, Jun 18, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Higher Ground Ballroom

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In the five years since Matthew Houck’s last record as Phosphorescent he fell in love, left New York for Nashville, became a father, built a studio from the ground up by hand, and became a father again. Oh, and somewhere along the way, he nearly died of meningitis. Life, love, new beginnings, death— “it’s laughable, honestly, the amount of ‘major life events’ we could chalk up if we were keeping score,” Houck says. “A lot can happen in five years.”

On C’est La Vie, Houck’s first album of new Phosphorescent material since 2013’s gorgeous career defining and critically acclaimed Muchacho, he takes stock of these changes through the luminous, star-kissed sounds he has spent a career refining. By now, Houck has mastered the contours of this place, as intimate as it is grand, somewhere between dreamed and real, where the great lyrical songwriters meet experimental pioneers and somehow distill into the same person. It is Houck’s own personal musical cosmos, a mixture of the earthy and the wondrous, the troubled and the serene, and by now he commands it with depth and precision. When you ask Houck about the cumulative effect of all this life happening in such a short time, he turns philosophical: ”These significant moments in life can really make you feel your insignificance,” he says. "It's a paradox I guess, that these wildly profound events simultaneously highlight that maybe none of this matters at all..."  On this album, Houck reckons with that void — the vanishing point where our individual significance melts into the stars — and sums it up thusly: C'est La Vie.
Jo Schornikow
Jo Schornikow is an Australian songwriter with a voice like water. Her debut album on Keeled Scales is called Secret Weapon.

A secret weapon is a hidden source of strength; unpretentious good work, a reminder of what to aim for.

Like Jo, it is a sideman; a friend, a mother.

Secret Weapon is a record of time; of place; of circumstance.

It was made in Jo’s hometown of Melbourne with VCA college buddy Shane Byron on a setup she affectionately refers to as “really dinky.” “The apartment smelled like mildewy laundry and Australian summertime in a way I love,” recalls Jo. “We cobbled together all the equipment we had and swore at it a lot.”

Jo’s history is rich with unexpected circumstances. She began as a church organist and jazz pianist, which took her from Melbourne to New York City. She gigged around NYC with a smattering of colorful creatives. Amongst others, she worked as an accompanist of Hugh Jackman, Bobby Rydell and Lana Del Rey. She made an EP with King Creosote and contributed keys to works by The National, Kelli Scarr and Phosphorescent. Eventually, she settled into her steady role as touring member of Phosphorescent.

Yet, not one bit of background could properly equip her for the circumstance that spurred Secret Weapon: motherhood.

With partner Matthew Houck (of Phosphorescent), Jo had two children in quick succession in 2014 & 15. The life shift both influenced and restricted the music she shares today. The mandatory transformations of motherhood rendered challenges physical, mental and emotional. Change came like a deluge across every element of Jo’s life, with kids, a spontaneous move from NYC to Nashville and a new set of priorities and schedules. She openly admits that for her, motherhood was not just the immediately satisfying splendor so many describe. Wonder, fear and compromise became omnipresent, in daily life and in this music.
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Higher Ground Ballroom
1214 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT, 05403