Brett Dennen/ALO



“Concert posters should be regarded as national treasures. They should be preserved and honored like monuments of history. They are not marketing tools, they aren’t advertisements, they aren’t about glossy headshots, or popularity contests. They are the visual aethetic of a moment in a time that can never be repeated. I like to think of the light bulb in the dark as hope in hard times. And all of nature is drawn to some source of light.”

-Brett Dennen



“This was hands’down my favorite poster of the tour. It was a two-week co-bill of Brett Dennen and ALO. I recall it being pretty busy for Steve Adams and me as we were playing in both bands. Higher Ground is always such a fun place to play, and this show was no exception. To me, the poster looks like a proof of an album cover. It has such a warm analogue feel to it. The rainbow on black contrast is really engaging- this piece is a real standout.”