Rilo Kiley


“The voice of Rilo Kiley’s lead singer, Jenny Lewis, reminds me of something really pure. Something honest, even naive, like adolescence, or nature, or old photographs… in this poster I was trying to capture this feeling, so I totally went freestyle. I grabbed brush and ink and started painting. At first I was drawing birds and my old knitted scarf, then I wanted to draw myself covered in leaves. I didn’t really like how it looked, but I liked the idea: a girl turning into a tree. People always tell me it looks like she has a big afro. I have to explain that, actually, she’s a tree. At one point I wanted to fix the leaves so that people would stop telling me this but, you know, I realized that it was alright. I didn’t mind. So I left it as is.”

-Sachie Tani, designer